LED Fireball Fidget Spinner

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Justin Comiskey

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Justin Comiskey
New Orleans, USA

General Information

The LED Fireball Fidget Spinner uses a tilt switch to light up when spinning. It’s 3/16" aluminum and I flip milled to cleanup the tabs and 3D profile the outer edges. The button cell batteries are parallel and the tilt switch is at a slight angle, so when spun the centrifugal force lights the led

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Material Description Price
Aluminum Sheet 6061

Aluminum Sheet 6061

Dimensions: 12 in × 12 in, Thickness: .25 in


Sealed Bearing - 8mm x 22mm x 7mm

Sealed Bearing - 8mm x 22mm x 7mm

ID: 8 mm, OD: 22 mm, Thickness: 7 mm, Type: 608-2RS


from Inventables



60 minutes

I used 3/16" aluminum, but you can use 1/4". Mill the inner and outer contours with a 1/4" flat end mill. I used the 2F HSS upcut from Onsrud. Cut a small chamfer on the inner edge. Cut the 3D fillet profile on the outer edge with a ball end mill.


Flip Milling

60 minutes

To do the backside mill a pocket in the waste material to serve as a holding jig. Do a cleanup pass around the edge to remove the tabs. Cut a small chamfer on the inner edge. Route the 3D fillet profile on the outer edge. This removes the burr and makes the edge smooth.


Install Components and Wire

Install the button cell holders and bearing. Wire the positives and negatives in parallel. Solder the leds to the negative button cell lead. Put the tilt switch from positive to the led positives (I soldered it at a slight angle off horizontal, biased towards off). Spin!

If you don’t need leds, 608 bearings will fit perfectly in the space for the button cell holders.