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Kids Dress Up Storage

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Chris Beckman

Project by

Chris Beckman

General Information

My daughter has a ton of dress up clothes. This is an easy and cheap solution. The side panels can be customized easily!

2, sheets of .5" MDF 31″×31″
1, 48" 1" dowel rod
Wood glue
18ga nails
Paint of your choice

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Cut out/personalize

120 minutes

Don’t like the princess stuff? No worries, put in your own cut outs on the side. Then line up the material, I used two 31″×31″ MDF boards so I could utilize the entire cutting area of the machine. There are 2 cutting sessions. One for the shelves and base, and one for the uprights.

Tabs may not be necessary, use your best judgement.


Dry fit and sanding

30 minutes

Once all the components are cut out it is time for a dry fit before you glue or paint anything.

REMEMBER if you paint your pieces prior to assembly you must account for the thickness of the paint.

If a piece doesn’t fit, sand the “tab” section slightly and try again.

Sand the entire storage unit.



30 minutes

I chose to paint mine before assembly, it was easier to paint while pieces were flat.

I used a roller and plain indoor latex paint.


Glue up and build

Apply glue to the one side of the tabs on the short shelves, insert those shelves into the side panel with the 2 cut outs.

Lay the cut outs flat with the 2 shelves pointing up, be careful not to bend/fracture the shelves

Apply glue to the other side of the shelves’ tabs.

line up and insert the shelves into the middle upright apply pressure to assure they seat all the way into the slots

Stand up the shelves section and apply glue to the middle upright tab, insert it into base.

Aline the edge of the upright with the cutouts with the base and glue/nail them together.

Lay the whole unit back on its side and insert the shoe storage shelf after applying glue to the tab.

Line up the side with the large cutout and fit together after applying glue.

Glue/nail the side panel to the base.

Stand up the whole unit and insert the dowel rod into the holes starting from the outside and glue it all together!

I hope you dry fit the rod first, otherwise this will be a pain!

Clean up with more paint and let dry.

Mo Stych
Awesome project, Chris! Do you have a photo of the final project all set up with the dress-up clothes? We'd love to see it!
Mo Stych
Chris Beckman
Just updated the project for ya! It gets used more than I thought it would. It’s a bit small but a lot of fun for the kids.
Chris Beckman