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"Key" Keys Holder

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General Information

Hello everyone me again here is a simple key holder that I made very simple to make might want to try this out as a first project mount this bad boy on the wall and stop losing the keys

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MDF Wood

MDF Wood

Dimensions: 12 in × 12 in, Thickness: 1/2 in


Carve it out

45 minutes

open in easel and make sure all your settings are correct

Easel setup:

When you open this in easel please make sure and check all your settings as mine may not work for you

Saftey Height: 3mm
Step over: 40%
Feedrate: 25 in/mm
Depth of cut: .028
material thickness: .670"

Put 3 or 4 coffee mug hooks in the bottom and hang those keys

hope you enjoy it sure it will be sweet