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Imperial Lightsaber Stand

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Dave Sullivan

Project by

Dave Sullivan
Southampton, UK

General Information

In this project I’ll guide you through the steps required to create your very own Imperial Lightsaber display stand.

Please read the instructions carefully before clicking ‘Open in Easel’.

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Material Description Price
Black HDPE Sheet

Black HDPE Sheet

Thickness: 1 in, Dimensions: 12 in × 24 in, Type: Single color, Color: Black

Black HDPE Sheet

Black HDPE Sheet

Thickness: 1/2 in, Dimensions: 12 in × 24 in, Type: Single color, Color: Black

Carbon Fiber Sheet

Carbon Fiber Sheet

Dimensions: 250mm × 400mm (+5mm/-2mm), Thickness: 2mm, Color: Black, Weave: 3k, Layers: 14


Plastic Polish

Plastic Polish

8 oz flip-top bottle

Red Acrylic Sheet

Red Acrylic Sheet

Dimensions: 8 in × 12 in, Thickness: 1/4 in


Red Acrylic Sheet

Red Acrylic Sheet

Dimensions: 18 in × 24 in, Thickness: 1/8 in


This project's Bill of Materials is not complete.

from Inventables


Material selection

The type of materials you use for this project leaves a lot of scope for creator adaptation, and therefore the bill of materials is only intended as a guide.

If you do choose to use the materials I have chosen you will have enough material to make two ‘Imperial Lightsaber Stands’, as well as enough material remaining to make two other related projects I intend to upload soon.

You may choose to use MDF, rather than HDPE for the base of your stand, which will of course require painting/weathering, etc.

All of the materials required for this project can be purchased from the ‘Inventables’ store.


Preparing your workspace

As with all projects a clean, tidy, and safe workspace is essential.

Please note: If you have recently been carving aluminium, please ensure that all traces have been removed from the waste board, as even small particles have the potential to create deep scratches in plastics & acrylics.

I recommend keeping all protective plastic covering on the materials until you are ready to carve.


Easel project files

I have created all part files using the optimum recommended settings for the materials being used. You therefore shouldn’t need to make any changes…..that said, there may be exceptions which would require you to tweak the settings.

If for any reason your parts are not cutting correctly, or if you have any feed issues, you may need to make small changes to the settings.


Project parts links & Carving advice

Safety first!! When using your X-Carve, please follow all of the safety instructions given in your user guide.

Please note:- Particular care should be taken when cutting carbon fiber. Always wear a suitable dusk mask to ensure that you do not inhale the fine particles.

Please ensure that all materials are securely mounted to the waste board.

Thicker materials, such as the ½”, and 1” HDPE should be clamped to the waste board.
Thinner sheet materials shouldn’t require clamping, but would need to be secured to the waste board with numerous small strips of heavy duty double sided tape.

Important:- before carving please ensure that all materials are securely affixed to the waste board to avoid damaging the material, or CNC cutting bit.

You will need to carve the following parts to create the ‘Imperial Lightsaber Stand’

Lightsaber Top insert x 1

Lightsaber Stand Carbon Fiber insert x 1

Lightsaber Stand Top section x 1

Lightsaber Stand Middle layer x 1

Lightsaber Stand Base panel x 1

Lightsaber Support Bracket x 2

I have included tabs on all parts to ensure that they remain attached after carving.
As the tabs are relatively small, only minimal clean-up will be required.


Pre-assembly clean-up

You’re on the home straight!!!

After cutting through the tabs with a craft knife, use a small file, or fine wet & dry sandpaper to carefully remove any remaining surface marks.

If you have any small scratches on the surface of any of your parts you should use a small amount of plastic polish on a microfibre cloth to remove them.



You’re nearly there!!

To assemble this project you have three options…….glue, screw, or tape…..for ease I will go with the later.

Place the ‘Lightsaber Stand Base panel’ onto a clean dry surface.

Carefully cut 6 × 28 cm long strips of heavy duty 3M double sided tape, and set them aside.

Take 3 of the strips, and stick them onto the top of the ‘Lightsaber Stand Base panel’, ensuring that the tape is around 10 mm from the edges.

Place the ‘Lightsaber Stand Middle layer’, and place it on top, ensuring that all edges are lined up correctly. Apply pressure to the middle layer to make sure that it is fixed securely.

Take the remaining 3 strips of tape, and stick them to the top of the ‘Lightsaber Stand Middle layer’, then place the ‘Lightsaber Stand Top section’ on top, ensuring that this is also aligned correctly.

Apply pressure to ensure that all layers are seated correctly.

Set the 3 layer base aside, then place the ‘Lightsaber Top insert’ onto a flat surface, take the ‘Lightsaber Stand Carbon Fiber insert’. (You may need to make minor adjustments to this part with a file, or sandpaper to make this part fit, Remember not to file or sand off too much material), align the insert with the recess in the ‘Lightsaber Top insert’ and apply gentle, even pressure, until the ‘Lightsaber Stand Carbon Fiber insert’ clicks into place.

Take the 3 layer base, and place the ‘Lightsaber Top insert’ assembly into the recess on the top.

Take the two ‘Lightsaber Support Bracket’s’, and gentle push one each into the rectangular holes in the ‘Lightsaber Top insert/base’ assembly.
(You may need to make minor adjustments to make these parts fit).

A final clean with a soft cloth, and a small amount of plastic polish, and there you have it!!! You’ve done it!!

Please check back for more movie, video game, & fantasy related prop projects!!

Jakob Luntsch
hey, I'm thinking of making one of those, awesome work! Unfortunately you didn't publish all of the parts, so I can't open the links you provided... could you maybe check the settings again? thanks a lot :)
Jakob Luntsch