House silhouette ornaments

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Evan and Katelyn

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Evan and Katelyn

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These simple silhouettes make great ornaments or tiny shelf decor. We made them with corian, (and then drilled a small hole through the top) but I think walnut would look amazing too! Link to the easel file here:

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Material Description Price
Solid Carbide Single Flute Upcut End Mill

Solid Carbide Single Flute Upcut End Mill

Quantity: 1, Shank Diameter: 1/8 in, Cutting Diameter: 1/8 in, Cutting Length: 0.87 in, Material: Solid Carbide, Type: Upcut, Overall Length: 1.77 in, Flutes: 1, Ring Color: Gray, Use: General carving, Cutting Material: Corian, Cutting Material: Aluminum, Cutting Material: Plastic, Cutting Material: Linoleum


White Corian®

White Corian®

Thickness: 1/2 in, Dimensions: 8 in × 12 in, Color: White, Cut Tolerance: +/- 1/8 in


from Inventables


Load material and run

5 minutes

Choose which ones and how many, each one takes about 5 minutes or so depending on the material and thickness. Easel file is here:


Drill a hole for a hook

1 minute

Start at an angle 90 degrees to the face and once you have a start, then angle it to go horizontal across the house


Add a hook

1 minute

We used this one:


Watch our video to see more!

7 minutes

Thanks for checking out our project!