Hex Boxes... Editable.

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Sean Morrish

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Sean Morrish
Rocky Mtn House, Canada

General Information

Project for making Hex Dice Boxes, for Dungeons and Dragons, and Magic the Gathering

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Hex Box

79 minutes

This can be used to carve out of any 3/4" material.
Use caution when using “super” hard woods. I found with woods like purple heart, you needed to play around with the fit.

This project is designed to fit 5/16" neodymium magnets.

Sam Powers
I like it! Little long and curious if the time could be cut down but good job!
Sam Powers
Timothy Hooper
I tried cutting the single box out, but it carved two positives, the lid did not fit. Would please help me.
Timothy Hooper
Richard Hoberecht
The pairs don't seem to go with each other in the Easel program. I had to cut and paste and move things around to get a box that went together.
Richard Hoberecht