Hero Shield

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A gift a made for a friend who is a large Zelda fan

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Red Oak

Red Oak


Making and painting the shield

I made the shield from a nice piece off oak that where shelves from a old cupboard.
Use your X-carve to engrave en cut out the design.
(you can sand the top clean and use masking tape to cover the top if you wish)

When the x-carve is done cut free the design and use a blue paint to paint it.
i applied two layers
let it dry.
If you use the masking tape remove it. If not sand the blue paint of so it only remains in the deeper parts. ( i bet you wished that you used the masking tape didn’t you)

Use a red stain to stain the “bird” on the shield. be carefull you don’t spill any on the blue paint)

Use a clear varnish to finish your project.

Go on a epic adventure!!!

Chris Baber
Wow I will do this .. Well Done Buddy
Chris Baber
Elyse Postnikoff
Love this
Elyse Postnikoff
Andrew Minter
Making this for my kid soon, his name is Lincoln, he goes by Link
Andrew Minter