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Heart shaped box with lid

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Donald LeBlanc

Project by

Donald LeBlanc
Eastvale, California

General Information

This is a small box that I made for my wife for Valentine’s Day. It is made from 1 3/4" Purple Heart and the lid nests into the base. My next version will have the top hollowed out for more room but I wanted to get this posted in time for Valentine’s Day.

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Open in Easel

Open the project in Easel and scale to fit your material.
I made mine out of 1 3/4" Purple Heart.


Cut out shapes

60 minutes

I used an 1/8" upcut spiral bit but the design should accommodate a 1/4" bit with no problems. I have one on order and will test it out when I get it and update this step.



30 minutes

As with all woodworking you will need to sand, sand, sand… I plan on rounding over the top lid to make it look more heart like. I will update this once it is completed. I wanted to get this posted in time for Valentine’s Day.



Apply the stain or finish of your choosing. I used Tung Oil

Kurt Canez
IfI want the box deeper then do I just cut an additional piece and go all the way through? Then glue together?
Kurt Canez
Donald LeBlanc
Kurt Canez, I would glue 2 pieces of wood together first, and then carve it out as deep as the bit could safely handle.
Donald LeBlanc