Gorgeous Laptop stand

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Warren Downes

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Warren Downes from One Wood Woodworking Videos

General Information

Build this great looking Laptop Stand, for full build details you can go to this link http://www.onewood.com.au/how-to-make-a-wooden-laptop-stand/

The original build was made using a router table and i have modified it so you can cut the parts out in Easel.com, just follow the video for assembly.

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Link to build video

For the full details on the build you can go to this link and watch the video


The video shows a router table and scroll saw been used, you can now open the plan in Easel.com and make it with your X-Carve instead.

Just set the material thickness in easel.com, i recommend using 3/4" or 19mm material.

Sam Alaimo
Sam Alaimo
Turi Ducommun
That is a very beautiful design. Congratulations on your creativity.
Turi Ducommun
Michel Guerrero
how many pieces you cut firthisproject //?
Michel Guerrero
Warren Downes
Hi Michel i used about 12 pieces but it will depend on the thickness of the wood and size of the laptop.
Warren Downes
Ken  Timblin Sr.
i may be missing something but what does this have to do with the xcarve??
Ken Timblin Sr.
Alex Voltz
This has NOTHING to do with X-Carve nor CNC. Some Olde-School click-bait?
Alex Voltz