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Fitted Lid Pen Box - Medium

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Jason McGinn

Project by

Jason McGinn
Cocagne, Canada

General Information

The Fitted Lid Pen Box is designed to hold a Streamline pen size and down.
Its base holds the pen in a display fashion.

It’s complimented with a fitted lid and a recess of the pen.

This holds and protects it with elegance and style.


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Material Description Price
Carbide Tip Straight Single Flute - 1/4 in Cutting x 1/4 in Shank

Carbide Tip Straight Single Flute - 1/4 in Cutting x 1/4 in Shank

Cutting Diameter: 1/4 in, Cutting Length: 7/8 in, Shank Diameter: 1/4 in


Red Oak

Red Oak

6" × 12" × 3/4" Red Oak


from Inventables

File Description Unit Price

Making a Fitted Lid Pen Box on the X-Carve.pdf


Download Zip

from Inventables


Watch Me Make It!!

10 minutes

See image below for a depth reference


Verify Easel Settings

10 minutes

1. Open the project in Easel

2. Put the material lined up on your X-Carve to be cut
(Stock size: ¾” x 6” x 10”) and use the following settings for your material
(Also see images for reference):
Hard woods, I used 28 in/min with 0.030” for depth/pass
Soft Wood/Plywood, I used 30 in/min with 0.035” for depth/pass

4. Set your machine settings to use the bit you have available bit Size
i. 1/8” (0.125) = 3 hours plus cut time
ii. 1/4”(0.25) = 45min to 1 hour cut time

3. Verify the depth and cut settings

  • Optional **
    You can set the (LABEL) depth setting to cut the entire depth of the part. I leave it out and cut it out with tools, it increases the cut time by 30 minutes.


Run the Carve!

60 minutes

1. Click “Carve” in the upper right corner of the screen and verify the settings
+ Material Thickness
+ Secured Material
+ Bit size

2. Set your home position to the bottom right of your work piece, raise the bit & turn it on

3. Run the X-Carve, sit back and watch the magic! (Wear hearing protection)

  • If you spend time watching the X-Carve
    + Wear hearing protection & Safety glasses or your be deaf in no time!


Take it to the Woodshop!

30 minutes

1. With a tool of your choice, cut the parts following the outline cut in Step 1.

3. Fit the two parts together with the top of the pen facing left for the lid and base.

4. Shape them together to desired look

5. Sand to 320 grit and Finish

  • See video for details!

Chad Forrester
I really like your design. Thank you for writing this up. I did notice that your easel project isn't shared publicly, Would you mind sharing it so I can take a closer look? Thank you.
Chad Forrester
Jason McGinn
Thanks for the heads up! I've shared it so you should be able to access it now. If you have any questions on the design, I'd be more than happy to answer. Thanks for your interest
Jason McGinn
Tim Vannaman
Where can I find it? I don't see it included in the digital files or on your website. Thanks.
Tim Vannaman
Tim Vannaman
Nevermind.. I figured it out. :)
Tim Vannaman
Sam Gironda
Was this designed in Easel, or did you import it from another program ?
Sam Gironda
travis Brenden
what do you do cut it out witha a band saw? i see there is no cut all the way through
travis Brenden
travis Brenden
never mind just saw the video
travis Brenden
Lawrence McCartney
love this pattern. just used it, came out flawless. made some tweeks to suit my needs and love it thanks for the starting point appreciate it very much. cheers.
Lawrence McCartney
Kevin D. Hanning
Very excited to find your design here! I immediately patterned my own with yours as the template. Such great work! Thank you!
Kevin D. Hanning