Fidget Spinner Finger Pads

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Greg Tanner

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Greg Tanner

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Finger pads for fidget spinner toy. Designed for bearings with 22mm outer diameter, 8mm inner diameter, and 7mm thickness

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Hard Maple

Hard Maple

6" × 12" × 1/2" Hard Maple


Sealed Bearing - 8mm x 22mm x 7mm

Sealed Bearing - 8mm x 22mm x 7mm

ID: 8 mm, OD: 22 mm, Thickness: 7 mm, Type: 608-2RS


from Inventables


Edit the depths of cut for your material thickness

10 minutes

I had a extra thick piece of material (13.3mm, a little over 1/2 inch), so I took 2.8 mm off the top to make the total height of each piece 10.5mm.

Here are the heights of each part:
Top of peg: 10.5mm
Top of step down: 8.5mm
Top of pad: 5.0mm

Take these heights and subtract them from your material thickness to get the depth of cut.

When assembled there is a 9mm ((10.5-5.0)+(8.5-5.0)) gap between pads. This allows for 1mm of clearance on each side if you have 7mm thick bearings. You will have to adjust if your bearings are thicker or thinner. I mainly chose the 9mm gap to match the thickness of my spinner material, which is just under 9mm. You may want more or less clearance based on your spinner material thickness.

I would recommend editing one of the models and then copy and pasting to get the heights set for the second.

Some thoughts for changes:
- The pads are 5mm thick, but could be slightly thinner.
- The diameter of the pads is 22mm which matches the diameter of bearing, so that the bearing is exactly covered. You can still see a bit of the bearing when viewed from an angle. You could increase the pad diameter to more fully cover the bearing, but allow some clearance to prevent rubbing. On the other hand, you could reduce the pad diameter and have the pad sit below the level spinner material.



1 minute

The posts fit pretty tight in the bearings, but eventually they came loose. A small drop of glue on the mating surfaces, works great.