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Epoxy Checkerboard

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Cad Melrose

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Cad Melrose

General Information

We used an X-carve machine, a piece of oak, stain, and some epoxy to create a checkerboard and pieces to play with.

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Red Oak Plywood

Red Oak Plywood

Thickness: 1/2 in, Dimensions: 12 in × 24 in


from Inventables

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An Onshape file


Download Zip

from Inventables


Board and Pieces

30 minutes

Make sure you have enough wood to carve out a whole board, and 24 pieces. You should also have stain, to color half the pieces before or after carving them. For the board, make sure your wood is perfectly square, or you will have to make extra cuts. After carving the board, sand rough edges and take off tabs.

For the pieces, stain half the board, and make sure all 12 pieces of one color fit on the stained wood. Carve the pieces, and sand the edges as well.

the link to the Onshape document we used is below



30 minutes

Once the board is carved and sanded, take epoxy, hardener, and dye. Mix the epoxy resin and hardener in a 1:1 ratio, then add the desired amount of dye. Mix for 3-5 minutes. Since you will have carved out one big area, pour the epoxy wherever is easiest. Because it doesn’t spread out quickly, pour in multiple areas until the epoxy is flush with the uncarved areas in every place. Wear gloves and put down material under project to protect surfaces from epoxy. Also, have tissues ready to clean up any mess created. The epoxy will harden, so don’t take too long. For best results, pour the epoxy as slow as possible to reduce bubbles. Keep your project as level as possible to evenly distribute epoxy. If bubbles occur, heat epoxy with a hair drier.

here are links to where you can buy epoxy resin and dye