Elks of Canada. Est. 1912.

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Sean Morrish

Project by

Sean Morrish
Rocky Mtn House, Canada

General Information

Elks of Canada sign, made as a donation to the local Elks Lodge, that was burnt down on 29th December, 2017.

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Material and Process.

I used 24″×24″×3/4" Laminated Pine.
Did a rough pass with 1/8" straight flute bit, for the Elk heads, Followed by a Detail pass with a 1/16" downcut.

All the Lettering was done with a 60 degree v-carve bit.

My partner in crime did all the staining. I think it was a Mahogany stain for the elks, and walnut for the lettering, though I could be wrong on the Mahogany.

Then 1/4 rounded the edges, sanded it all down, and clear coated it with a Gloss Varathane finish.