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Maura Connors

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Win an X-Carve or Inventables gift cards by entering your Easel design!

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60 minutes

Time is money, right? The more products you can make in one day, the more efficiently you can run your business.

That’s why we want to know: what can you carve on an X-Carve in 60 minutes or less?

Join your favorite makers for the Easel Power Hour Challenge! Explore what you can make with one hour, a 3D carving machine, and a lot of creativity.

Entries will be judged by Inventables’ makers. Participants will get the chance to win promotional gift cards or an X-Carve.

No X-Carve? No problem. You only need access to a computer. The X-Carve uses our free Easel software. Easel is a web-based software platform that allows you to design and carve from a single, simple program. It’s easy to use with no design experience. You can also import images from your computer, the internet, or other software like Fusion360.

Ready to design? Follow the rules below to enter the #EaselPowerHour. Feel free to post your design on social and tag your favorite maker and us @Inventables!

Questions? Email contest@inventables.com. Contest ends July 1, 2018 at 11:59 PM CDT.
Projects will typically be uploaded to the Easel Power Hour project page within 3 days of submission.


How to Enter

1. Login or create an account for our free, easy Easel software at easel.com

2. Design a 3D carving project (anything you want to make!) that takes less than 60 minutes to carve
Click Easel’s “Simulate” button to estimate your carving time

3. Create a project page for your project at inventables.com/projects
Click here to learn how to make a project page

4. Fill out this form and include any additional images you think would be helpful
Feel free to include any illustrations (digital or hand-drawn) of your final project design so we can understand how all the pieces fit together.



1. All projects must be designed using the Easel software

2. All projects must take 60 minutes or less to carve on the X-Carve. We will use Easel’s “Simulate” button to validate the estimated carving time of your project. You may add additional time beyond 60 minutes for assembly/sanding.

3. Any materials found on the Inventables’ website can be used in your design, along with any nails, screws, and wood glue

4. All projects must use reasonable material, bit type, and recommended cut settings. For example, if you envision your project in hard maple, you cannot use the material cut settings for HDPE (a softer material with faster cut settings).

Do not modify the recommended cut settings beyond what is reasonable for your chosen material or bit. The best way to stay compliant is by using the recommended cut settings within Easel for a given bit and material. The Challenge judges will have full discretion in deciding if a cut setting is reasonable.

Looking for more information about bits and material pairings to optimize your project?

5. All participants must fill out this form and create an Inventables project page

6. All entries must be an original design

7. All entries must be submitted by July 1, 2018 at 11:59 PM CDT

8. Participants do not need to carve their design in order to be eligible to win

9. Participants may submit more than one project to the challenge


Judging Criteria

Time: All projects must be under 60 minutes
Feasibility: All projects must use the appropriate material, bit type, and speed in the one hour simulation
Design: All projects will be evaluated on their unique design and style


What You Can Win

1. Twelve (12) participants will be chosen as individual winners and receive one (1) $100 Inventables promotional gift card

2. One (1) participant will be chosen as the overall winner and receive an X-Carve (total value of $1,500)

Winners will be announced by July 16, 2018



Ben Uyeda, Homemade Modern
Chris Salomone, Four Eyes
Cristiana Felgueiras, Get Hands Dirty
Dylan & Molly, Woodbrew
Evan & Katelyn
Johnny Brooke, Crafted Workshop
Katie Cleveland, Addicted 2 DIY
Mark Chryst, Gunflint Designs
Mitch Peacock, WOmadeOD
Paul Jackman, Jackman Works
Paul Jenkins, The Wood Knight
Steve Carmichael, Carmichael Workshop


Who Can Enter

Eligible entrants must be 18 years or older as of June 1, 2018. Participants can be existing Inventables customers. No purchase necessary.

The contest is open to US and international residents. Void where prohibited. International customers must live in a country where we can legally ship your machine.

Al Amantea
This is an awesome Idea!!! Now to design something spectacular!
Al Amantea
Raquel Chavez
Great idea to make any designs i like it. Some day i will buy it.
Raquel Chavez
Camry Fedei
Not trying to be a downer, but isn't this almost guaranteed to be a current XCarve owner who wins? I'm currently saving up for one, and I've had the chance to play around with Easel in preparation, but not 0 experience actually putting it into practice, so there's essentially no chance I could win.
Camry Fedei
Alea Perez
Exciting! Can the project use more than one bit and material? Also, can the design use any non-carved objects in the final product (something simple like string to hang pieces... or complicated like a bulb and socket)?
Alea Perez
Brad Mitchell
If the projects requires multiple cuts, is it just the total simulation time? For example, one cut may take 15 mins and then I would need to change out the drill bit for a 10 minute cut. Is this reasonable for the challenge?
Brad Mitchell
Maura Connors
Hi Camry- All your work can be done in the software and the judges will make their decisions based on what they see in Easel (not if someone has carved their design). We encourage you to include any drawings or computer-generated illustrations that you think can help tell your project’s story!
Maura Connors
Maura Connors
Hi Alea- Yes! You can design your project to use any materials found on the Inventables’ website, along with any nails, screws, and wood glue. You may use multiple bits and your design can be part of a larger project. Please email contest@inventables.com with any additional questions.
Maura Connors
Maura Connors
Hi Brad- Yes, only count the simulation time. In your example, your project would be considered a 25 minute-cut. Hope this helps!
Maura Connors
Phillip lunsford
I entered the contest yesterday but still do not see my project showin on the challenge page. I see it in my Projects. Did I do something wrong? Thanks
Phillip lunsford
Maura Connors
Hi Phillip- We typically post the projects to the EPH page within 3 days of submission. Your project was posted there this morning! Thanks!
Maura Connors
Charles Fox
Hello, i'm looking forward to creating entries for this contest! thanks inventables for having this contest! I did want to know if there is any benefit to having the projects in before the deadline, or if all entries by the deadline are considered equally.
Charles Fox
Maura Connors
Hi Charles- There is no benefit to entering your projects early, but all projects should be submitted by July 1, 2018 at 11:50 PM CDT. You may submit more than one design as well. Hope this helps!
Maura Connors