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Easel Friendly Dewalt 611 dust boot

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General Information

There was a distinct lack of easel friendly dust collectors, this one even works with the bolt holes on the side of the 611 mount! You need a sheet of 5mm acrylic, a Frost king door strip brush and some clear epoxy. It’s super simple and cuts in just one pass!

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Material Description Price
Clear Acrylic Sheet

Clear Acrylic Sheet

Dimensions: 8 in × 12 in, Type: Extruded, Thickness: 1/8 in


from Inventables


Mill the acrylic plate

5 minutes

Securely mount your 5mm cell cast acrylic and use your bit of choice to cut. I prefer a single flute spiral upcut bit, at 75 ipm and a 0.04 depth per pass at 17,000 RPM. You can make heavier passes if the mounting is strong enough. I recommend using a spray bottle with water to cool the bit while it cuts, acrylic has a very narrow range between milling and melting, you need to move fast and cut at the right speed to keep the bit cool.


Assemble the parts

The mounting strip needs the bolt holes drilled out, I left them out so you can choose your own mounting height or you can even just mill a slot. The brushes need to be cut to length and epoxied in place, I recommend a dab of superglue to hold them in place while the epoxy sets. Mark the location of your bolt holes and drill them out, and epoxy the strip into the boot.

Russell Holt
This looks so simple - i'd like to try it. wish there were a coupla more pics, though. i'd like to have a look @ the bottom. it's worth trying out if just to get something there It'll be something to have there if i need to come up w/a better plan. thanks from Russ in Coral Springs, Fl, USA
Russell Holt
You can see the bottom in the easel drawing, there isn't much more to show, it's just a single flat plate with 2 holes and a mounting slot. The mount is just epoxied in the slot, and there is a shallow slot cut that the brushes fit in.