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Dust Collector

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Jack Kronemeyer

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Jack Kronemeyer

General Information

Dust collector for x-carve. Dewalt spindle with the black attachment ring and 1.25" vacuum hose. Fits over the spindle and inside the ring. Bungee (10") for added security. Brush from Amazon attached with staples and E6000 adhesive.

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Red Oak

Red Oak

6" × 12" × 1/2" Red Oak


from Inventables


Carve and assemble the piece

45 minutes

Find a 4×6 scrap of material 1/2" thick and carve the piece on your x-carve. Sand lightly to remove splinters etc. Apply the adhesive (E6000) around the outside edge of the piece. Attach the brush material (from Amazon) with 3/8" staples. Please be sure that your spindle is as far down as it can go inside the holder ( I sanded a flat side into the yellow cap on my spindle to clear the edge of the mount) and screw the attachment ring that came with your spindle and mark the location of the spindle lock button. Notch the ring to allow access to the button. The dust collector will slip up over the spindle and tightly into the ring and is further secured by a 10" mini bungee over the top of the spindle. Attach a 1 1/4" vacuum hose and carve.