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DTC Bump Stops

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Paul J. Bennett

Project by

Paul J. Bennett
Milbridge, US

General Information

Here’s a collection of handy bump stops. There is a long pair, an “L” shape, and a short pair of bump stops. Great tools for the X-Carve of any size.

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Secure material on X-Carve

I used a 3/8" straight cut router bit with 1/4" shank for roughing out the long MDF pair of bump stops, and a straight cut 1/8" bit for the finish pass.

For the shorter pine bump stops, I used a 1/8" down spiral, fishtail bit for the entire carve.

The short video pretty much shows the process. More info in the video description below the video on YouTube.


Alternative construction information

You’ll find a link in the video description below the video on YouTube that will lead you to a free plans download page. I drew plans for the short pine bump stops so they can be made with conventional tools (sometimes it’s faster than making them with X-Carve).

Jim Dasher
Hi , Could these 'bump stops' be made from clear plastics, or would that be asking too much from the 'X-Carve'? Thanks, Jim Dasher Edmonds, WA (Seattle metro area) E.:
Jim Dasher
Paul J. Bennett
Absolutely, Jim. However you may wish to use an upward cut, spiral bit when cutting plastics so the cut material will be thrown clear of the work and not melt back into it.
Paul J. Bennett
Mike Byrne
Thanks, today I made two from mdf, I made the pocket more shallow and for the cut out I only did 2 passes as a guide and cut them on the table saw to speed up the process. To use some smaller pieces of mdf I had I made them one at a time, the first one I used to hold the second one in place.
Mike Byrne
Paul J. Bennett
Awesome, Mike. Glad it worked out for you!
Paul J. Bennett