Drum Christmas Ornament

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Steve Carmichael

Project by

Steve Carmichael
Lawrenceville, USA

General Information

This drum ornament is made from poplar and red cedar with gold thread around it in an X pattern. I used the X-Carve to cut it out! Merry Christmas!

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Video and Basic Steps

4 minutes

Watch my video to see the basics of how this Drum Ornament was made, then follow these simple steps:
1. Cut the top and bottom pieces for the rims from 1/4" lumber.
2. Cut three circles for the body of the drum from 3/4" lumber.
3. Glue the body pieces together and sand smooth.
4. Glue on the top and bottom rims.
5. Spray with finish of your choice. I like Satin Lacquer.
6. Use a needle to weave thread or string around the drum in an X pattern.
7. Tie a loop at the end to hang on the tree.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!