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drink paddle

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Ian Boze

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Ian Boze

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sampler tray for your favorite beverages. A great way to serve up samples and remember which one was which

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Red Oak

Red Oak (×3)

6" × 12" × 3/4" Red Oak


from Inventables



20 minutes

design the paddle. I chose to go with a simple design with a rounded rectangle design. you just adjust your name and font to whatever you would like it to say. I designed the holes to take a shot glass, but you could make the numbers smaller or delete them all together and make the holes a little bigger.



120 minutes

I chose to use a rough cut cedar 2×6 from the local big box hardware store, but material could be whatever look you want to go for. I liked the thicker look but you could do one 3/4" piece with the holes cut all the way through and the words engraved and then glue it to another 3/4" blank



I finished by using a miter saw to finish the perimeter cuts as my bit wasn’t long enough to through the 1 1/2" block of wood. then I hand planed the edges smooth and smoothed the back side. used a sanding sponge for the holes and to know the edges down. then I used an orbital sander with 120 then 220 to smooth all the faces.

for finish (and I recommend this finish for all wood products) I used natural danish oil and then 3 coats of semi gloss spray on laquor

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Jon Paynes
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John H Yoder
Ian.... What program did you use to design? I am trying to design one for a customer but Easel Pro won't cut out the entire paddle for me.
John H Yoder