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COVID-19 Protective Visor

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Kevin Loeffler

Project by

Kevin Loeffler
Arvada, USA

General Information

DIY personal protective equipment derived from the design by Erik Cederberg / 3DVerkstan from

Designed to let you attach a plastic sheet (such as a letter-sized report cover) to make a quick, cheap, and easy protective mask in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Carve Design

11 minutes

On my Carvey with a 1/16" bit this took 11 minutes.


Use a hole punch to make holes for a letter-sized plastic sheet

3 minutes

I used a dry erase marker to mark the spots on a plastic report cover where I should use a hole punch to make holes for the rectangular grips to push through on the visor.


Press plastic sheet onto grips

2 minutes

Press the plastic sheet onto each of the rectangular grips, forcing them through the holes created with your hole punch.

Luis Taveras
Great project for save lives
Luis Taveras
Tommy Klausen
Hi. Exactly which bit did you use?
Tommy Klausen
Kevin Loeffler
I used a 1/8" upcut bit to cut these. I did one with a 1/16" and found the visor to be quite brittle.
Kevin Loeffler
What material did you use? I looked in Easel and it shows MDF. I am considering using expanded PVC.
Kevin Loeffler
I used MDF, but I'm sure expanded PVC would work great! I've also made a few out of plywood, which seems to work nicely as well.
Kevin Loeffler
Daniel Harasim
where did you get the head band at?
Daniel Harasim