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Christmas Tree Sleigh

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Paul J. Bennett

Project by

Paul J. Bennett
Milbridge, US

General Information

This is a sleigh designed to display live, table top Christmas Trees. Fast, easy and fun. Make one today!

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Begin by carving any images desired

Load plywood into X-Carve and let ’er rip! You can find all dimensions, bevels, and plywood thicknesses in the free downloadable plans (pdf) and here is the link to the download page: https://www.downeastthunder.com/2018/11/diy-christmas-tree-sleigh-free-plans-2018-xmas-proj-3/


Cut out parts

After engraving/carving images, cut the parts out (may have to change to different bits). Then assemble the sleigh. Please note the assembly can be viewed by watching the video.