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Chicago-styled Stools

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Matthew T Mead

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Matthew T Mead

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Files and resources to accompany the Easel Live: Furniture and Basic Joinery.

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Watch the Easel Live class!

65 minutes

Learn basic furniture joinery, how to make the basic through hole mortise & tenon as well as clip tenon & mortise joints in Easel. Get the most information on joints and furniture making in Easel by watching our Easel Live class, co-hosted by Matt Mead!

Grab some 3/4" plywood and click the “Open in Easel” button to get your starter Chicago-styled stool project.


Additional resources

5 minutes

Clip tenon and mortise project that provide so much inspiration

Make’s 50 digital wood joints

A good resource on CNC furniture design, joints, prototyping and other considerations. Make: Design for CNC Book

Community and support for open source furniture design

Paint colors we used
- White: Behr White 52”, matte finish
- Blue: Behr Electra P510-4, matte finish
- Red: Behr Flirt Alert P150-7, matte finish

Great free resources by TastyTuts for learning illustrator