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Carving Bits 201 - Feeds, Speeds, and V-Bits

Mo Stych

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Mo Stych

General Information

In this episode of Easel Live, we cover how to calculate basic feeds and speeds (chipload, feed rate, etc.) and troubleshooting your bit settings.

We’ll also talk briefly about v-bits: what they are and when to use them.

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45 minutes

We’ll cover the components of feeds and speeds—feed rate, spindle speed, chip load, and depth per pass—so you can learn how to determine your own settings for a variety of bits.


Additional Resources

If you don’t want to watch the full video, here are some helpful resources:

Bit and material pairing photos (samples of different materials carved with different bits)

Carving Bits 101 support article

Calculating feeds and speeds support article (includes diagrams for each variable)

Using feed rate override in Easel

Introduction to v-carving- (understanding why v-carving is different)

Using v-bits with Easel Pro (helpful photos about v-bits)


Chip Load
CNC Cookbook video on tool rubbing (this happens when your chip load is too small)

Onsrud video about calculating and understanding chip load (thorough and informative)

Example of chip load charts from Onsrud

Feeds and Speeds
Winston Moy’s video about feeds and speeds (excellent animations)

Basic feeds and speeds calculator from CNC Cookbook

Brandon Jenkins
Awesome! Great info. Thanks Mo!
Brandon Jenkins
Lester VanBrunt
Good job.. This helps..
Lester VanBrunt
Julia Bryan
Very Helpful.
Julia Bryan
Larry Vaught
Thank You, now I think I need to do some designing in Easel Pro, and use my 4 days and see how it goes. Who knows, I may decide to purchase the Pro. Again, thank you for the many videos, I got my X Carve last week and these are very helpful.
Larry Vaught
Walt Shields
Thank you. Good information
Walt Shields
clint edworthy
Hi will this work on any cnc machine
clint edworthy