Calibration Test Pattern

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Robert Rieke

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Robert Rieke
Los Alamos, NM

General Information

A 3″×8″ pattern designed to check the X-Carve or other hobby CNC for indications of stepper motor lost steps, improper stepper motor calibration, and lack of perpendicularity between the spindle/router and wasteboar.

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CNC Calibration Test Pattern - MWP V1-1 121415.pdf

CNC Calibration Test Pattern - MWP V1-1 121415


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100 minutes

Attached to this project is a 6-page PDF that contains a description, procedure, measurements, and a data sheet for use.

To perform the calibration test, open the PDF and follow the procedure inside.

Charles Stevenson
Nice project! :-) Mine came out fantastic. Really put the mind at ease. Thanks for creating this detailed howto!
Charles Stevenson
Kirk Marchant
Robert, found a few issues that needed to be corrected. Really appreciate having a resource like this. THANK YOU!
Kirk Marchant