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Bow Bread Knife

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Pat Lap

Project by

Pat Lap
Shawinigan, Canada

General Information

How to make a bread knife out of maple & aluminium.

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Knife Shape


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Knife Blade


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from Inventables


Import the knife shape file into Easel

Import the .svg knife shape file into Easel. You can resize it if you want, but you must also scale the blade at this point.


Secure the material

Secure the material on the waste board. As I had not had time to make bigger clamps, I had to stick my material on a thinner board before starting.


Carve the knife shape

Now let the X-Carve work for you!


Cut the excess with a band saw

The X-Carve can finish the cut, but I prefered to part it off with the band saw.


Sanding time

You can skip this step, but watch out for splinters! ;)


Import the knife blade shape

Import the .svg knife blade shape file into Easel. Secure the material again & cut the blade. You can also use an old & cleaned band saw blade for this part. But I just wanted to show you that is possible to carve one here.


Round corners

Round the corners with a router table. By the way, don’t laugh about mine! :D


Final sanding

Do a light final sanding before applying the finish.


Apply finish

Apply the finish you want on the wood. I suggest a bees wax & mineral oil mixture.


Drill holes

Drill holes on both end of the bow.


Fix the blade

Fix the blade on the bow with 2 screws.


Enjoy sliced bread

Now it’s time to cut your fingers or your bread. Here it’s up to you! ;)


Watch me doing it!

Special Thanks:
Inventables: https://www.inventables.com/

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Please enjoy & share!

Allyn Phillips
I have tried to download the svg and get error, file not found. I was able to open it in Firefox but its an image not an svg file. The zip file is no longer there???
Allyn Phillips
David Taylor
I keep getting a 404 error when I try to open the easel tab for the project. Any recommendations? Thanks.
David Taylor