Bon Appetite Serving Board

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Sam Alaimo

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Sam Alaimo

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Decorate your kitchen with a sign, and take it down when you need to serve up some cheese to your guests.

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Cherry Wood

Cherry Wood

6" × 12" × 3/4" Cherry Wood


from Inventables


Engrave + Cut

15 minutes

This project has two workpieces. The first one is an engraving, the second is a cut-out.

For the engraving pictured, I used a v-bit. To cut out the piece, I used a flat bit (with the black ring).


Sanding sealer + paint

5 minutes

I want to paint in the letters, but first I need to seal the wood (so the paint doesn’t soak into the wood and cause blurry lines). I like to use Sanding Sealer for this.

Just brush it on with a clean brush and let it dry for an hour. Make sure you get sealer inside all the small parts of the engraving. If you want to use the back side of your board for food, do not use the sealer on the back side.

Once it is dry, I paint in the engraving (rather sloppily) with an acrylic paint. It is ok to be a little messy and get paint on the surface of the piece. The sealer will prevent the paint from actually soaking into the wood, so we can sand off the excess paint later.



5 minutes

Once the acrylic dies, use a palm sander or sandpaper and sand the top of the board. Keep sanding until all of the excess paint is removed from the top of the board.

If you want to use the back side of the board for food, you can use a mineral oil to finish the board.

Now you are ready to hang it in your kitchen until you need a serving board!

Phil Lenz
Looks good but you may want to remove the last "e". Correct spelling is "Bon Appétit". Désolé...
Phil Lenz
Jimmy zetino
Phil, I don't think that's an e bud. I'm sure that's just how the t looks in that type of font. you can tell by looking at the e in the word.
Jimmy zetino