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Martin Gertsen

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This simple cover will fit the Amazon Echo Dot 2.

Drill 2 holes in the side for the USB/Audio.
Center: 18mm from the top. Diameter: 12mm. 15mm apart, connect the holes using a file.

Use a 6mm wood bit, material 40mm thick.

Carve time: 44 mins.

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Hard Maple

Hard Maple

6" × 12" × 1/2" Hard Maple


from Inventables

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44 minutes

Carve the cover, using a 6mm bit and a 40mm thick board.

I used hard maple, but pretty much any hard wood can be used. Possibly soft wood as well.

If you don’t have access to 40mm wood, glue together some thinner pieces, like two 20mm boards.

If you use the ½ inch board from the Inventables store, glue together 3 layers for a 1½ inch thick result and reduce the material thickness in the project to 38mm.

Don’t go below 34 mm thickness, since that will leave only a 2mm thick bottom for the cover.

Make sure the glue is well and properly dried, and the glued surfaces are completely smooth before gluing.


Drill hole for USB/Audio

5 minutes

Drill two 12mm holes, 15mm apart, 18 mm from the top of the cover.

I recommend starting with a small drill, then gradually working the way up to 12mm.
Applying painter’s tape might help get a smoother finish.


Add rubber feet (optional)

1 minute

If you’re not using an external speaker, I recommend adding some rubber feet under the cover, to allow the audio from the bottom speaker to get out easier.

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Martin Gertsen
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