Adipose Fidget Spinner

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Greg Tanner

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Greg Tanner

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An Adipose fidget spinner inspired by Dr. Who

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Edit the project for your material and preferences.

5 minutes

Make two copies of the project.

One copy will be for the face, which is cut with a 1/32 in. mill.
Delete the body and the holes.
Cut this first.

The other copy is for the outline, which is cut with a 1/8 in. mill.
Delete the face.
The three 1/4 in. hole around the outside are for threaded rod and cap nut weights. I am not sure if I would use these as weight if I did this again. They are a little too bulky. I would try something a little more low profile.
Set the material thickness to your thickness.
Cut this second.

Also check out the “Fidget Spinner Finger Pads” project that I also published to get the finger pads.