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Acrylic Puzzle

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Zach Kaplan

Project by

Zach Kaplan from Inventables
Chicago, USA

General Information

This product takes a toy everyone is familiar with and modernizes it with acrylic.

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Fluorescent Pink Acrylic Sheet

Fluorescent Pink Acrylic Sheet

Dimensions: 8 in × 12 in, Thickness: 1/8 in


from Inventables


Chose color and texture

5 minutes

First chose the color of acrylic that you want for the puzzle. I chose pink fluorescent that was glossy on both sides. This makes the puzzle harder because the pieces can be oriented from either side. To make the puzzle easier you can chose a piece that has a matte finish on one side.


3D carve the acrylic

15 minutes

In the video I used Red on White acrylic sheets. I did the project a second time where I used Carvey and put the fluorescent acrylic in the machine. Each material gives a bit of a different look and feel.

Remember to measure the thickness of your acrylic. The nature of the way cast acrylic is manufactured means the thickness can vary from the actual thickness.

Samantha Alaimo
can you post the files for this?
Samantha Alaimo
Zach Kaplan
The Easel file is posted.
Zach Kaplan
Brad Sturgeon
Do you have advice about when and when not to use double stick tape to secure the piece on a thru cut?
Brad Sturgeon
Zach Kaplan
I like to use it with materials 1/8" or thinner and any time clamps won't be able to hold the piece as parts are cut out. Puzzles are a great example. I like to pause Carvey as each puzzle piece is finished and take them out to avoid them coming loose and damaging other parts.
Zach Kaplan