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3D American flag stars

John Connors

Project by

John Connors
Chicago, USA

General Information

Authentic 1-3/4" service fire hose used to create American flag.
50 stars cut on two 12 × 24 sheet of 1/8" white acrylic silver back, using 60 deg 1/8" v cut bit. Used 750 × 750 xcarve platform.
Stars cut on this material to give flag 3D look on star field , it really makes it pop

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31% Light Transmission White Acrylic Sheet

31% Light Transmission White Acrylic Sheet (×2)

Dimensions: 12 in × 24 in, Thickness: 1/8 in


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used star template from Ease file adjusted to 2 -7/16" diameter, used replicator software to copy. orientated on work piece to get the max number of cuts. Project used approximately two sheets 12 × 24 × 1/8" white acrylic with silver backing, which highlights the edges when using 1/8" 60 deg v cut bit