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10" x 16" Box

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Audin Malmin

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Audin Malmin

General Information

This is a 10″ × 16″ box designed to cut in one piece of 7/16" material on a 1 square meter X-carve. The example was cut in 7/16" OSB. Stained a bit with Briwax (this might work better if done before assembly). The bottom is split into two pieces to optimize material usage and to fit in 800×800mm.

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1. Feed your X-Carve an 32″×28″ piece of 7/16" stock.

2. Fit a 1/8" bit (down cut if you have one).

3. Cut it out.

4. Clean up the tabs.

5. Glue it together. A brad nailer makes glue-up easier.