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White Corian®

White Corian®

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Corian® is a non-porous, solid surface material produced by DuPont. It is made of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate. The sheets are colored evenly throughout and have the look and feel of smooth stone.

While Corian® is traditionally used as a countertop surface, its potential uses in the design world are limitless. The material can be milled as easily as most woods. It can be cut on a band saw and sanded, and can be laser engraved. It can even be thermoformed when heated to 300 degrees F, meaning you can heat and bend it at interesting angles with relative ease. You can download the technical manual below for lots of additional information on how to fabricate Corian®.

Because this material is manufactured with countertop use in mind, one side of the sheet and certain edges may contain writing or scratches. We can only guarantee that one side will be in pristine condition. There may be chipping within 1/8" of the edges. Please note that the sheets may all be slightly different sizes, but should be within 1/8" of an inch in each cut dimension.

Technical Specs

  • Color: White
  • Cut Tolerance: +/- 1/8 in
  • Dimensions: 8 in × 12 in