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  • What materials can I carve?

  • Can I carve metal with it?

  • How is the spindle cooled?

  • Can I attach a laser?

  • Is there an expander kit to turn my X-Carve to X-Carve Pro?

  • Is there an expander kit to turn my 4x2 to 4x4?

  • Can I use my own spindle?

  • What is the maximum size material that can be carved (length, width, thickness)?

  • What is the weight of the X-Carve Pro?

  • What is the footprint of the X-Carve Pro?

  • Where can I find the safety manual?


  • Can I test out Easel Pro before purchasing the X-Carve Pro?

  • Can I import files from another program?

  • Can I run Easel Pro on multiple machines?

  • Do I need Internet access to use Easel and X-Carve Pro?

  • Will I be automatically billed after my 3-year upgrade to Easel Pro runs out?

  • What happens to my Easel Pro account after 3 years?

  • Are there any pre-loaded projects?

  • When will the new Easel Pro features be available?

Shipping & Setup

  • How will the X-Carve Pro be delivered?

  • How much will shipping cost?

  • What size workbench do you recommend for the machine?

  • What is included with my X-Carve Pro order?

  • How long does it take to assemble the X-Carve Pro?

  • Do I need to rewire my shop for it?

Pre-Order & Billing

  • What financing options do you offer?

  • How fast do orders ship?

  • I need a different payment method (purchase order, split payments, physical check, etc.). What other options do you offer?

  • How has COVID-19 affected production?

  • What if I order and need to cancel?

  • Do you offer discounts for purchasing multiple X-Carve Pros?

  • When will my credit card be billed?

  • When will I be billed if I'm paying through Affirm?

  • Where can this be shipped?

  • Could I add an extended warranty later?

  • What is the return policy for X-Carve Pro?

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