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Tiffanycortez A message from Tiffani Cortez, Engineering Teacher

“My students have been dreaming of bringing a Carvey into my engineering lab for a couple of years now. They have developed a lot of ideas for its usage on their own, most of the ideas being centered around the robots they build for competitions. I love to have my students see their ideas come to fruition and a tool like the Carvey would definitely allow that to happen. ”

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Carvey is a new, remarkably easy to use, tabletop 3D carving machine for making ideas into real objects. Learn more

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What other teachers are saying about Carvey

“Safe, clean, and quiet, Carvey is the ideal digital manufacturing tool for a traditional classroom or maker space. Students as young as elementary age can create and carve custom designs and build projects with endless possibilities.”

CASEY SHEA Maker Education Teacher, Sebastopol, CA

Example Student Projects

  • Student-example-project-1
    Mosaic Tile

    Students make their own tile as an intro to using Carvey, then combine them into large classroom mosaic.

  • Student-example-project-2
    Travel Pencil Case

    A simple case with a flexible design. It has plenty of room for engraving and customization.

  • Student-example-project-3
    Simple Stand

    A stand design suitable for books, tablets, and more. Designed to fit most paperback books.

  • This project will reach 13000 students
  • The Carvey will only be supplied if this project is fully funded by August 18, 2016
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