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Tile 1 720

by Mo Stych

I love reading and Harry Potter is one of my favorites (even though I'm a muggle).

Tile 6 720

by Kyle Russell

David Bowie's "Aladdin Sane" inspired tile.

Tile 3

by Michael Fischer

I wanted to play on the traditional Spanish tile design using a less conventional material.

Tile 2

by Sam Alaimo

I love the tessellating design of Turkish tiles!

Screen shot 2017 05 05 at 12.18.21 pm

by Easel Live

Being outdoors inspires me to think about the world around me in a new way each time I go on vacation.

Img 9437 720

by Easel Live

Have we talked about how much I love chickens? This 4-tile set conveys my feelings.


by Michael Fischer

Experimenting with turning sketches into tiles.

Captura de pantalla 2017 05 05 a las 1.53.10 p.m.

by Ronald Rosales

I made this BB-8 project to celebrate past #StarWarsDay. I hope you enjoy it.

Lourdes tile challenge

by Martin Gutzmer

Tile for Lourdes Catholic School In Bettendorf Iowa Colors Would Be Blue on White

Img 0538

by Bill Steinbach

Northwood STEM - Let's go Cubs! #FlyTheW

Captura de pantalla 2017 05 05 17.08.19 2

by Gonzalo Acuña

Nerd´s pride sign


by mike

Hudson High School Logo! Go Explorers!!

Screen shot 2017 05 06 at 3.44.24 am

by Bryan Stewart

Who Doesn't love Pugs, Noisy Little Terrors.

Sportster 883 low

by Traxxtar

Two days after purchase, I took a little ride into the country. I stopped and grabbed a photo. Sweet! Harley Sportster XL883L 'Superlow'

Jd dinotile

by Justin Devlin

Dinosaurs have been one of the most inspirational things in my life ever since I was young and my favorite herbivore has to be the Trike.

Img 0542

by JasmineG

Northwood STEM - We chose this because we both love unicorns and believe they are real.

Screen shot 2017 05 09 at 10.15.38 am

by cesar bv

Northwood STEM - it is a gift for my mom for mothers day.


by Josh Streufert

A tile representing Nashville, a quickly growing city balancing big business with its rich musical heritage.

20170509 155206

by joshua gates

Design inspired by the Voyager record/Pioneer plaque, which communicate information about Earth and humans to potential alien finders

Da bears

by Cody Demas

I live in a state with No NFL team....However The Bears have been my home away from home team!

Screen shot 2017 05 10 at 12.32.59 pm

by Lili B

Northwood STEM. I created a mothers day gift for my mom. I really love the font. What inspired me was that it was almost mothers day.

Screen shot 2017 05 10 at 1.35.13 pm

by Chris LaMaster

Roy Chapman Andrews is an explorer from Beloit, WI and the namesake for my school

Screen shot 2017 05 10 at 2.02.26 pm

by olivia comesky

My design is what my school means to me.


by Boye Boi

Northwood STEM - Seth Rollins WWE logo/LoRon G

Screen shot 2017 05 10 at 2.26.46 pm

by Sarah LaMaster

I am a teacher. This would be a fun tile for my desk.


by Boye Boi

Northwood STEM - Finn Balor Blar Club logo WWE/Zech H


by Louis Seguin

Quote from Joan Powers (Pooh's Little Instruction Book) that my wife read to me on our wedding day.

Chinese rabbit

by Thomas Chestna

Chinese lettering with rabbit symbol from Mandarin 4=Level 4 class


by Maya Sela

Northwood STEM - I made a mothers day gift. It is a quote that I found.

Screen shot 2017 05 11 at 9.40.19 am

by JasmineG

Northwood STEM - I love food. I like different kinds of food. I also, like hamburgers and fries.

Screen shot 2017 05 11 at 9.47.00 am

by Ivy D

Northwood Stem - I wanted to do this because I want to put this in my room and this describes my fun but edgy personality.

Img 2414

by Karla G

Northwood STEM - I decided to write my moms middle name since she prefers it, and add my birthdate, as well as my siblings. - By Sherlyn

Screen shot 2017 05 11 at 9.54.38 am

by Monica O

Northwood STEM - I made a carving of my dogs names with stuff.

Screen shot 2017 05 11 at 10.03.19 am

by Francisco

Northwood Stem - I did this because it is mothers day


by Charlie C

Northwood STEM - You are the best mom ever. I could not be here with out you. You are my motivation that makes me chase my dreams.

Img 0550

by carlos sanchez

Northwood Stem - i did this to tell my mom that i like her and that she deserves love

Img 0551

by Lexi Ryan Golding

Northwood STEM-Coming up is Mothers Day, I wanted to make something for my mom. I felt I would have to make something perfect to match her.

Screen shot 2017 05 11 at 1.05.55 pm

by Karla G

Northwood STEM - My inspiration for this is for mothers day. i thought that why not do something for her because moms do a lot in the world.

Screenshot 2017 05 11 at 6.26.16 pm

by Jason Kersh

Bridge four glyph from Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive.


by Ryan Buitenwerf

I look at him and I wish I was having as much fun as he is.

Rhs art mosaic

by Amanda J Miller

Show your eagle pride for our outstanding visual art department here at RHS!

Img 0422

by Alexa Sinkule

Anchors are my favorite design, so i thought I should do an anchor with my name

Img 0570

by Joseph Ocanas

My name and things I like


by Ce'Ana Cribbs

It says in irish "never give up on what you love". I chose irish because I am irish

Img 0504

by Mark Dunaway

I drew this because of my faith and it looks cool.

Img 0706

by Alexis Laynor

Butterfly, dog paw, and heart


by Zachary Phillips

a little swag for the TCG fans

Mosaic 2

by Amanda Miller

Seize the Art! Art is my favorite class


by kayla locke

my name with symbols that represent what i like.

Img 2339

by Adrian Sandoval

It is the Ohio state logo and I picked this Picture because this is the college I want to go to

Img 7037

by Edome Ayehu

iPhone emoji ????????

Img 0531

by Adriana Cortez

I did this design because I really like flowers and my grandma also did.


by Tiffany Lam

It expresses my love for adventure.

Img 0352

by Rachel

I really like to draw and sing

Img 0116

by Dalton Myers

It's just a cool guy on a bad day.




Img 0347

by Joseph Campos

I like playing video games during my free time. My favorite animal are penguins.

Img 0370

by Benjamin Martinez

Name, anchor and cards only

Img 0693

by Quinnza williams

Fashion is colorful

Img 1196

by camryn carter

a change in mindset


by Tsion Yigzaw

my name engraved into a plank of wood.

Untitled 1

by Amanda Poupart

A little fun for Nebraska fans! Go Huskers!

Img 0129

by Antonio Arce

Its a meme homage

Img 0218

by Isaiah Campos

The design is a team logo. The team is FC Barcelona.

Img 0086

by Kendall Washington

Texas long bone

Img 0885

by Adelisa Kolenovic

It's a basketball

Gate tile

by Nathaniel Kingsbury

this Palace gate in Vienna was my first attempt at extracting from photos for carving

Capture  2017 05 12 17 56 45 1

by Caitlin Earles

Lotus flower


by Heather Clarke

Floral Beauty


by Nikhil Hiren Patel

This is my logo with my motto

Wms tile template

by Neil Ferreri

Basic Tile to get us started.

Mosaic tile

by John Rasberry

Sandlot Quote

Img 0456

by Tamara Hernandez

Me and my best friends nicknames.


by Jessica Alvarado

Picture of Tyler Joseph.

Img 0662

by Martin

I wanted to do my name because it means something to me

Img 1049

by Kellie Parrish

Superman symbol

Img 0457

by Ashlee Williams

I like hearts, I have a heart inspired room.

Img 0217

by Victor guerrero

Cause I like it


by Michael Fischer


Captura de pantalla 2017 05 15 a la%28s%29 18.37.17

by Daniel Martin

The endless knot, one of the eight auspicious symbols from buddhism

Untitled 1 recovered

by Kramer Smithson

My favorite food for when I'm in the studio

Untitled 1 recovered

by Kris Miller

I had a spiritual experience with a giraffe once. It ate right out of my hand


by Stephanie Nuñez

2 bulls


by Stephen Nonez



by Lauryn Gonzales



by Clayton Kovar

The Confused Emu by Clayton Kovar


by Jessica tran

I love spring and gardening

Img 0586

by Joseph Ocañas

Rowlett high school baseball.

Untitled 1 recovered recovered

by Jane Miller

16 Candles is my favorite movie. Ducky was the best.

Img 0588

by Kenzie Stuart


Img 0227

by Taylor Maria contreras

It's a wolf I thought it would be good

Screen shot 2017 05 16 at 4.35.43 pm

by Sebastian Simon

Sebastian is happy

Fullsizerender 2

by Ashley Stillson

Squirtle Squad!

Ferreri mosaic tile

by Eris C

Ferreri Tile Template.


by Owen Savage

This is a Canada shrine

6 by 6 mosaic

by christian leeper

the stuff i like

Mosaic tile

by Abby Cleveland

Beautiful flowers and sayings for support when you have a bad day or someone puts you down


by Olivia Temelkoff

I am really excited for summer so I put objects on the tile that reminded me of summer!

Horse tile actual 12

by Cassidy Endecott

Horse design with a flower because i ride horses and my horse loves flowers.


by mariama ba

This is reminding me of Christmas

Mosaic tile

by Abby Cleveland

a beautiful design with 2 sayings to help you when there are rough times.

Easel mosaic challenge

by Sophie Lin

Book lover's dream mosaic tile

Disney home

by Rachael Jones

My design is a Disney theme including a castle and Mickey ears, with the word Home underneath symbolizing my love for Disney.

Snip for mosaic tile

by Naomi Shadle

My design is inspired by how much I love to play sports.

Mosaic tile

by Katie Rheyne

The words are from the chorus of "C'mon" by Panic! At The Disco and the trident is from the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan.


by Sofia Mendoza

Dancer jump with an inspirational quote.

Img 0257

by Hannah

It's a kitten.

Ohio easel project

by Corina Queen

My design is Ohio! Can u believe it?

Img 0257

by Hannah

It's a kitten

M ms

by Maya Wooldridge

A design that displays my true love for the greatest snack and sweet of all time, M&Ms.


by Blakelee

its my school logo.


by Meredith Todd

My design is a 6 x 6 in tile with a silhouette image of the Schuyler sisters from the hit Broadway musical "Hamilton" with the word "Work!"

Mosaic tile screenshot

by Abby Emery

My tile represents the sports I play at Weaver Middle School.

Final softball carve

by taylor morgan

my design is a softball theme, with a bat,ball and a diamond to represent the shape of the feild


by Sasha Canary

This design is what I usually say in the morning.

Mosaic tile for summer

by Greta Carter

A Mosaic Tile For the Summertime! Filled with palm trees, flip-flops, instagram-symbol, and more!


by Maci Keys

My design represents the Prince song Purple Rain.

Capture 2

by Amaya Scadden

flowers are cool!

Winter mosiac tile

by Afrah Shaikh

Who doesn't love winter and snow? Especially snow days!!

The thing

by Saana Zia

Follow me On ig

Img 0629

by Caleb Fichtner

Our lord and savior Trump


by RHirsi

this is a quote from the Muslim prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Follow your dreams mosaic tiles

by Zuha Syed


by Edith Martinez

My name.

Img 0346

by Aaron Johns

Yeezy, Yeezy, what's good? It's your boy Max B, what's going on? Just checking in on you Appreciate the love and support The wave is here

Img 1110

by Asia haggerty

My name

Img 0346

by Aaron Johns

Kanye 2020

Img 0491

by Jennifer Carreno

It's spongebob

Img 0535

by Marcus Zuniga


Img 0347

by Hunter Reed

Here come dat boi

Img 0473

by Joshua Melchor Gonzalez

This is my project I choose a horse cuz I love horses.


by Marvin garcia

Cowboys fan for life

Img 0631

by John smith

The peasant Hillary Clinton

Img 0569

by Milton Barnes

Golden state warriors basketball


by Edith Martinez

My dog.

Img 1111

by Olivia Baker

Chef hat

Kekistan symbol tile 2

by joseph cutshall

the tile i am submitting is the symbol on the kekistani flag. praise kek!


by Ella Kaiser-Allen

character from the game undertale

Img 0349

by Hunter Reed

Vans old skool

Img 0633

by Calib

SpongeMock SquarePants

Tuexedo meme

by yunus

cats are awesome, and so are memes. so I put these to ideas together.


by Jacob

A classic, low key pig. The ideal mosaic tile for pig enthusiasts.


by Maxwell Bathje

A good old quality meme

Easel cleveland browns

by Ryan Hatfield

My design is of the Cleveland Browns logo


by Om Patel

Those who love to play Cricket. Become a batsman in Cricket that's my dream.


by Hani Azeez

Its the sports teams that I like.


by Jonathan Sonedecker

it is the logo of the Columbus Blue Jackets NHL hockey team.

Img 0960

by Carolynn Ann Blue

Screen shot 2017 05 17 at 9.39.37 am

by Ben Waits

You Rock!


by Lucas Byers

This mosaic tile design is meant to commemorate all things zombies.

Img 0635

by Dat Boi

Aliens lmao


by Adin rothermel

Well i love snakes i even have a pet snake so i mean i did a snake.

Elephant seal pic

by Cameron kilgore

I designed a tile of my spirit animal, the elephant seal. This majestic beast can be carved and hung anywhere around the house.

Sao carve

by Sebastian Simon

I chose this design because i like the anime SAO.

King kong



Hellcat mosaic tile

by Konner William Merriman

This is a simple design that is meant to be a Dodge Hellcat Logo.

Ohio machine mll snip

by conor coppess

The best lacrosse team (in my opinion) Ohio Machine Major League Lacrosse Team.

Dar snip

by David

Lebron James above the Cleveland, Ohio logo

Spongebob screenchot

by Quinn Gillilan

spongebob design


by Cameron kilgore

MY MosAic DeSigN.



They are my favorite hockey team so...


by Luke Stanley

It is a batman design.

Screen shot 2017 05 17 at 10.24.23 am

by Nicole O

Northwood STEM I did Polar Beas because it's my favorite animal By: Katarina

Screen shot 2017 05 17 at 10.24.42 am

by Nicole O

Northwood STEM I chose this because I always love to shine like a diamond By: Nicole O.

Screen shot 2017 05 17 at 10.25.09 am

by Nicole O

Northwood STEM I did this because it's my favorite sports team By: Hope M.


by Dustin Gilliam

this is a nice little panda. really good details.


by Jack Capuano

Kyrie Irving picture.

Cowboy frog

by kaiden roche

Cowboy frog, banana body climbing the eiffel tower, whale arms. playing baseball and drinking a caramel frappuchino while fighting aliens


by Joseph Auld

I play basketball so i put one in and i play drums so i put in some drums

Somethi8ng picture

by Hamza Sawalha

it is the vault symbol from borderlands

Bengals logo

by Wesam Khalil

Bengals logo design.


by Kaden Bowman

This is my tile that represents my favorite sport which is baseball.


by Jaxon Runyon

WVU is my favorite college. Born and raised there.


by Jim Peeso

A city skyline of Tokyo with a banner on the top entitled, "TOKYO"


by Hayes Houseworth

i just wrote my signature in MS Paint and submitted it.


by Michael Herring



by Rusty Wilson



by Rusty Wilson


Pig mustache

by William Riffe

I love pigs. And I also love mustaches. So I put my 2 favorite things together.


by BrendanKellar

This is squidward I love him so I thought I should make him. Thanks


by tareq shkoukani

bird with bats as a leg and a phone as a helmet


by Brandon Swabby

Hilliard bears rugby logo

Wms mosiac challenge davin lee

by Davin Lee

Submission for the Mosaic Tiles! RIP


by Amiryon

For the fan of DEADPOOL who we all LOVE!!! He LOVES you too.

Easel thing

by Noah Newcomb-Cabuno

This is a fact. Nothing else must be said. Hi, why are you looking down here? Stop Snooping around.


by trevor


Img 0195

by sarah riney

It's a grackle

Screen shot 2017 05 17 at 1.17.47 pm

by Sarah Palumbo

Wolf Pack

Screen shot 2017 05 17 at 3.11.14 pm

by Leonardo

Hi Leo

Hiten easel

by Hiten Patel

I am Hindu, that's why I made this design.


by Daniel Vazquez

Northwood Stem. I chose The Flash because i watch the T.V show and also he is my favorite superhero. Daniel.V


by Daniel Vazquez

Northwood: I did this project because i like jordans and i think the logo is cool Jay.D

Img 2861

by izzy

northwood stem A teacher inspired me to carve the word coexist and the letters are symbols


by Jay Patel

I like Nike. Those who like Nike.

Screen shot 2017 05 17 at 3.22.38 pm

by Elizabeth Watson

The cyber wolf is the mascot for my advisory. My students inspire me each day.


by Manoj Patel

I live in Ohio. My home is in Ohio. OHIO!

Saloni easel

by Saloniben Patel

I love Jordan. Jordan is best ever. It quality is also best.

Sveta easel

by Sveta Patel

I like cities. Cities night scenes are very nice.

Img 0637

by Greg

Not sure if u want description to know... Or to judge

Kirit easel

by Kirit Desai

I love Computers. I think, without of computer, life is boring.

Music photo

by Sofia Mendoza

This tile design shows my love for music! I believe that music is life and should be a part of everyone's life.


by don endecott

my dad chose this because he loves to barbecue.

Jessie tile

by Jessica Margaret Endecott

i like flowers so i made a flower my main part.


by Mariah Torres

I Love Texas!

Radhika easel

by Radhika Desai

Math is my favorite subject. Math is everywhere. Math is genius .

Mina easel

by Mina Desai

I like running and my hobby is also running. Running can help us with health also.


by Kevin Bray

it it for the Bluejackets Hockey team, when there was actually hope that they would win.

Cool seahorse

by Hiromu Yamamoto

It's a Seahorse that says you're cool, because it's cool. You're cool by the way...


by Kaden Griffin

My design is the new York Giants logo. I decided to use this because I am a big Giants fan.


by Aaron Michael Davis

I live in OHIO so I decided to make this OHIO all around and its my home

Ohio farm

by Will Nocco

Ohio has a lot of cows, so I decided that Cows == Ohio + sausages farming is cool, food


by Gavin Corder

The tile has a Diamond-like design, very simple


by Joshua Douglas Hoover

This shows the life of the sea at Seattle!

Mosaic tile

by Megan McCabe

It says 'See the World' in French. I chose this because I would like to travel to France.

Sax tile snip

by Joel

My design is of a saxophone playing jazz.


by Khaled Elhassan

God Bless America.


by Aidan Kimble

I don't know

Space jams

by Sam Holden

they are shoes


by Van Johnson

A well known robot from the show "Futurama".


by Carson Coles

It is the Reds logo.

Moasic tile project

by Nicholas puhl

Catchers Helmet

Cavs champs

by Garren Price

Its my favorite NBA teams logo


by Chase Bradfield

this is what i do when i feel down


by ayden morris

ohio with buckeye leaves and state


by Ian Najdowski

ian n

Fish mosaic tile 2

by kyle pepera

fishing is a fun hobby of mine that i enjoy doing. I want to encourage others to go fishing so this is my fishing mosaic tile.


by Benjamin Ramey

its the batman symbol

File 000

by Jacob Turner

Star Wars Tile


by Cameron Rucker

a majestic wolf


by Jeff


Cricket pic

by Het Patel

I love to play cricket. And also my favourite sport is cricket. So that's why I choose cricket.

Img 2549

by Katie Gouldin

I love to play and coach volleyball! I hope to spread my passion for this game.

Paper mario mosaic design

by Joshua Shoemaker

A design from paper mario series

Adidas tile

by jacob buxton



by Braydon Boyd

A mosaic Block picturing different names for one of the best lego pieces.





by josh raimey

I made this tile like this because baseball is one of my favorite sports i play.

Soccer mosaic

by Henry Kitchen

club ohio

Sword art online

by Rui Lin

Kirito & Asuna Sword Art Online


by Connor Hodge

Baseball Field.

Bat easel

by Luke Stanley

Its a bat symbol


by ryan hill

I like leopard seals

Mosaic tile

by Cameron Gatsch

#THELANDBOIIIII these are just some of the teams from Cleveland and its skyline


by Konner William Merriman

Since I saw other memes such as the Spongebob mock meme and the Fry meme I only felt that Zoidberg would be a proper idea for a tile.

Somethi8ng picture

by Hamza Sawalha

it is the vault symbol from borderlands


by Austin Rheyne

a woman/chef/fan/baseball player man-spreading


by Jonathan Goshima

It's an anchor pointing to a burger and a phone with a baseball bat, spade and diamond.


by Griffin White



by Owen Smallwood

the sea turtle from Nemo (crush) giving rides to a snowman, ginger bread man, penguin, and a dog (sluupy)

Mosaic challenge snip

by Thomas McGuire

a picture of the golden snitch from quidditch in Harry Potter with the words golden snitch

Mosaic tile

by Christian Rodriguez

A Collage Of Things That Describe Things.

Tile pic

by anthony carey

this is a black hole design

Bart simpson

by caleb christian flenoid

this is Bart Simpson dressed as a prepared middle school student


by Joe Lucas

Hilliard Rowing.


by preston stallings

death the kid #senpailoaf #symetry


by Jonathan Londo

random stuff put togther plus my favorite state


by Carson Dauer

i submitted donut boy singing the donut boy theme song

Joe wacco

by Kaden Miller

it is Joe Flacco and big Ben, one of the greatest rivalry's of all time.


by Rusty Wilson

Your favorite guy

Ben rowthlisberger

by Gabe Porter

It is Ben Roethlisberger the best quarter back ever he smacks the browns everytime

Drink it

by Trevor Tarlton

just drink it


by Emma Hovis

Northwood STEM- This tile depicts the four seasons. It shows, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Emma H

Paresh easel

by Paresh Patel

I love Statue Of Liberty. That's why I chose this design.


by Deep Patel

This is a Indian sport. I love to play this sport.

Pooja easel

by Pooja Patel

I love to soccer. I played in high school. Soccer is my best sport ever.

Hital easel

by Hital Patel

I play tennis. I love Tennis. I played tennis in high school. That's why I chose tennis.

Andrew's tile

by Andrew

Baseball is my favorite thing to do. Walk offs, stealing bases, and hitting home runs all qualify baseball.

Andrew's tile

by Andrew

Baseball is my favorite thing to do. Walk offs, stealing bases, and hitting home runs all qualify baseball.

Himanshu easel

by Himanshu Patel

I love basketball. I love to play. My favorite sport is basketball. That's why I chose this design.


by Jesse Cook

A plate meant to bring out the mood of card games


by David Nachmani

Irish family symbol

Mamaw mosiac tile design for abby

by Linda Emery

Linda's design for Abby

Blackjack and hookers

by Konner William Merriman

I saw a bender tile that was created by one of my friends, but this also is a continuation of memes as well.

Img 2576

by Bethany Stone

I taught these topics in my science class :)


by Nate A

Tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom Brady

Inventables mosaic tile

by Dominic Alexzander McNerney

Video games that I like to play but not as much as I used to. From Mr. Ferrari's classroom favorite


by Michael McWethy

Map of Michigan with word Michigan in the negative overlay

Screen shot 2017 05 19 at 2.25.42 pm

by Lily Carl

Northwood STEM: My design is my name surrounded by what looks like a name tag. I put two detailed flowers in two of the corners. -Lily C


by Liceny C

Northwood Stem. I made a tile with kermit the frog and just put words I say a lot. Liceny.

Vijay easel

by Vijay Patel

I love Washington DC. I love this white house building. That's why I choose this design.

Img 0149

by Debbie & Steve Lee

We were looking for something a little different to our normal work. Earth, air, fire and water . Flip it 180 and it says the same.


by mike



by Rosa Gonzalez

celtic tile

Anil easel

by Anil Patel

Jai Swaminarayan is my Hindu god. I am Hinduism. I love very very very very much!!

Minal easel

by Minal Patel

I like to do work, not to sitting in sofa. I love my job and my job loves me. That's why I chose this design.

Charul easel

by Charul Patel

This is a Indian game called Kho-Kho. I love this game. This game is full of fun. That's why I chose this design.

Deval easel

by Deval Patel

I like cooking. I am expert in cooking. That's why I chose this design.

Mahir easel

by Mahir Patel

I love football!!

Rakshit easel

by Rakshit Patel

I like schools. Schools is my favorite place. I like studies.

Img 8652

by Mari Radtke

Northwood STEM star wars BB8 by Nate


by Stem2c

Northwood Stem Alondra Sanchez Birthday Gift


by mak sanderson

sunflower with name

Img 0624

by Sonia robles

My name


by makayli sanderson

rowlett theatre company

Img 0625

by Sarah Robles

My name and figures

Img 0626

by Uriel Robles

My name and robot

Img 0628

by Oriel Robles

Cool design


by makayli sanders

rowlett future teachers!!

Img 0629

by Jacket Robles

Ribbon and name

Img 0630

by Emelia Robles

Softball and name

Img 0631

by Daniel Rodriguez

Football helmet

Img 0632

by Daisy Rodriguez

Name and flowers


by Liceny C

Northwood STEM- It's a tile with kermit the frog drinking tea and a character from the simpsons described as MY mood :,) - c.s


by Tim Davis

Love of guitars and music

Screen shot 2017 05 24 at 9.41.49 am

by Natalie Lawrence

Northwood STEM My inspiration comes from Disney because their characters are fun and have nice animation. Andrea

Screen shot 2017 05 24 at 2.35.09 pm

by Kathryn Murphy

Northwood STEM. My carvey is my monogram. With the first letters of my first, last and middle name.


by Donald LeBlanc

The Man With No Name

More cowbell

by Emanuel Ramirez

More Cowbell

At coaster

by Adam Prince

The Appalachian Trail is one of my favorite places to be so I make these coasters and hand them out to friends.

Clevelands rock

by Karen Cleveland

The Clevelands Rock (Cleveland is our family name, and we live somwhere in Ohio). :)

She believed

by Nicholas Cleveland

She believed she could so she did. Girl Power!

Robot thing

by Cody Kirkham


Club p

by Elijah johnson


by RJ Sagrilla

This is a Jordan shoe called the Retro 11 "Concord".


by RJ Sagrilla

This is a Jordan shoe called the Retro 11 "Concord".


by Tyler Schmidt


Screen shot 2017 05 25 at 1.32.48 pm

by Emma Hovis

Northwood STEM This picture shows my name and a crown because I love watching Disney princess movies. Sonia C

Screenshot 2017 05 25 at 7.39.57 pm

by Suzanne

In Bacon We Trust insignia

Img 1803

by Syd

RCAA - I used a picture of a flower that I took for a project at school.

Screen shot 2017 05 27 at 12.56.06 am

by Ellie

I <3 Chickens


by Troy Osborne

This represents my family

Crafting coat of arms

by Kyle rock

Crafting coat of arms with two color HDPE


by Lucia Mjaanes

Northwood STEM, Emma. I chose this project because I have always loved the design of monograms, and have always wanted one for myself.


by Lucia Mjaanes

Northwood STEM Lucia M. I chose this project because monograms are really cool and pretty so I wanted to make one.


by Mari Radtke

Fav Soccer Team Northwood STEM Emily, Mari, and Nate


by Mary Glendening

I used the Easel text tool to create the text to go with our bus logo.

Screen shot 2017 05 31 at 2.34.46 pm

by Sonia Chavez

Northwood STEM- This photo shows a dancer with the word Dance and some pretty design. This is meaningful to me because I love dance. Emma H

Screen shot 2017 05 31 at 5.21.39 pm

by Uyen Tran

Just got back from Bay Area Maker Faire and didn't see a Makey Tile yet so why not?


by Robby Bringas

Northwood STEM - My hobbies


by Lizbeth Casarrubias

Northwood stem. My design is a picture of Cheese with stars. Lizbeth

Screen shot 2017 06 01 at 10.25.18 am

by Natalie Lawrence

Northwood STEM My design is inspired by my dog. I love my dog lots and this design looks just like her! Emma


by Stem2c

Northwood stem Zaira Chavez quote

Screen shot 2017 06 03 at 9.05.56 pm

by Woodley


Screen shot 2017 06 05 at 8.34.34 am

by Reese Koulentes

Northwood STEM - We were inspired by Caitlin's "This I Believe" paper from English - Reese


by Lauren Margolick

Northwood STEM - Lauren. My inspiration was my gymnastics team/me being a gymnast. I go to AAG. My name is Lauren and I like gymnastics.


by Lauren Margolick

Northwood STEM - Lauren. My inspiration was my gymnastics team/me being a gymnast. I go to AAG. My name is Lauren and I like gymnastics.

Screen shot 2017 06 05 at 9.14.58 am

by Alberto Blancas

Northwood STEM - Beto - I love basketball and care about peace and the toxic sign i like it and my name is BETO

Screen shot 2017 06 05 at 9.11.13 am

by Stem2c

Northwood STEM - Zaira - I did this For my Dads birthday


by Chava B

Northwood STEM Hand Drawn by: Chava Bernstein

1496678028 open uri20170605 6282 1xbucsv

by Morgan Yontez

Northwood STEM - Sam - Van Halen Rocks!


by Josephine

Northwood STEM Josephine Martinez

Shreyas easel

by Shreyas Patel

Cricket is my favorite sport. Virat Kohli is favorite player he is from India. My dream is to become Cricketer in Indian team.

Img 20170605 124812

by Mary Glendening

Photo tile. I took a photo of my son and imported it into Easel to learn how to work from a photo to create a tile.

Screen shot 2017 06 07 at 8.42.21 am

by Stem2c

Northwood Stem Alondra Sanchez I made this because i like the bran adidas

Img 6767

by Narelle Robles

Northwood STEM - Monse - i chose this because i wanted to do something that inspired me

Img 8419

by Narelle Robles

Northwood stem-Narelle-I picked this because it involved something I like.

Img 3587

by Stem2c

Northwood STEM - Alondra - I made this because i like adidas

Photo on 6 7 17 at 9.30 am

by Claire Nia Rubens Kischer

Northwood STEM - Nia - A quote that I like.

Img 1400

by Morgan Yontez

Cat (Jiji) from Kiki's Delivery Service. Northwood STEM, Morgan.

Img 7843

by Lizbeth Casarrubias

My tile is a diamond with stars and the word shine on it Northwood Mr.Steninbach

Img 5215

by Natalie Lawrence

Northwood STEM-Natalie This was inspired by mandalas and their design. I chose cats because I used to have a cat that I could hang out with

Img 5534

by Morgan Yontez

Cupcake Heart, a cupcake with candy hearts. Northwood STEM Sariaya

13516336 10208502784600469 2358184011347668783 n

by Eric Krohn

Tattoo Shop sign with 3D printed Marine accent

Vishal easel

by Vishal Patel

I like singing. That's my dream to become singer.

Rutvik easel

by Rutvik Patel

I like modeling and photography. I like photography more. That's why I made this tile.

Photo on 6 8 17 at 12.10 pm

by Claire Nia Rubens Kischer

Northwood STEM - Claire - Just a little bit of inspiration.

Photo on 6 8 17 at 1.45 pm

by Alex tellez

Northwood STEM - Alex T - Barcelona Soccer


by Kelly McKiernan

An eclipsed sunrise - August 21, 2017


by Karen Kramer

tile for my father for Fathers Day. He likes Ying Yang

19105591 1543586285681287 4047875603035401994 n

by Jason Zicha

My Snapchat Snapcode Mosaic Tile!

Screen shot 2017 06 17 at 6.26.36 pm

by Taylor Bjerkaas

Hibiscus Flower


by Yasin Zavala

I love Game of Thrones

Sock monkey

by Norton Seabrooke

I have a huge sock monkey collection


by Stuart Ignacio

I love puppies

Screen shot 2017 06 27 at 11.06.11 pm

by stephen bjerkaas



by Whitney King

Fish are so peaceful


by Thornton Hanson

One day I want to learn to make a diamond ring and have that be my job

Go country

by Myron House

I like to do things outside


by Shamgar Benson

India is where I want to move when I grow up

Tess bird

by Lawson Warren

I enjoy using math in my creations


by Simon Pearce

My family owns a ranch


by stephanie ryers

My faith is important to me


by Allen Miller

I want to grow up to work in technology


by Kel Miller

Use the Force!

Mosaic tile pic

by Grey Osman

A mosaic tile I designed for the design challenge


by Russ Philipp

My daughter's Favorite Book as a child.

Coach haub tile

by Andrew Haub

The flash logo

by Jose Rodriguez


by Cierra Grange

Justin tha og

by Justin mchorse

Jade r tile

by Jade Ruggirello

Adniel urgelles tile

by Adniel Urgelles

Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL

Big bang theory tile

by Sarah Vasicek

Caulier tile

by Caulier Aaron



by Jayden McBride

it's cool i guess


by Brooke

saying that my mother always told me growing up followed by a flower


by Jonathan Padron

Tile for wall

by Llywellyn deSoto

this is my girlfriend <3

Logan tile

by logan tipton

Fwc pride

by Aaron Wassilchalk

the war torn logo of the Future War Cult. We knew but no one ever believed us.


by Jeremiah Dalsbo

The Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (ODST) insignia from the Halo video game series.


by Darren Merkord

Pale blue dot

by Travis Bulding

Pale Blue Dot By Carl Sagan

Rick rick rick rick rick

by Clayton Hoover


Donald trump tile

by Jacob Crawford

President Donald Trump

Turtle tile

by Victoria Tschoepe

A turtle with its lovely pineapple


by Emily Espinoza

Shin Chan from the anime/manga Crayon Shin Chan doing hearts for the person he loves


by Ruth Lopez

Stitch Ohana

Easel gary

by Kaitlan Brandstetter

Gary the Snail


by Brendan Le

The goat

by danielsebastian fllores

this the goat j cole


by Bryant Bailey

Tile project

by Alexander Velasquez

Best Tight End in the League.

Nike tile

by brady.shipman

a homage to the greatest shoe company

Aden guerra tile

by Aden Guerra

It says my name jeff and has peter griffin and joe swanson. what more could you ask for

Easton dove tile

by David Easton Dove

It is just a neat little sign for my back porch

Msu tile

by Zechariah Hall

Michigan State Spartans


by Yadira Martinez

The lion king, "Remember Who You Are"

What ever i want

by Jackson Elam

it's a donuts nothing more nothing less

Worlds largest tile

by Jordan

This is the symbol for the brand of Off-White

Sarriah tile

by sarriah gomez

my tile is very detailed.

Jones tile

by Emma Jones

Brad's tile

by taylor valdez

NF is an artist & his music speaks to me, the cross is my church cross, my fav verse, i love the Flash, my fav verse i wanna be a engineer

Gucci mane tile

by Travis Taylor

Gucci gang

David.l tile

by luis david lara

Best Number in the League!

World's largest tile wall

by Cameron Cusick

My personality

Capture 01

by Hunter Aaron Christopherson

Fairy Tail Logo


by reece overton

Tile p

by David Dimanochie

It's the Headband from Naruto


by Calvin.mitchell

Just a tile of the best college in existance


by Ibrahima Bori Balde

James Harden of the Houston Rockets

Jayson tile

by jayson vogelpohl



by treldon mace

nananananananananananana BATMAN!!!!

Unleash the beast

by connor wilson

Nike logo I created from scratch

Capture snip

by Keelson L. Engles



by Brock Allen Bujnoch


Finished tile %28in easel%29

by Dylan Hill

It's a Rick and Morty tile. If you don't know what Rick and Morty is, or if you willingly don't watch it, then you're probably a bad person.


by Matthew Bounds

The Republic of Texas mosaic tile.


by ethan brooks

Linkin park logo by Ethan Brooks


by Rebekah DeLeeuw

A quote by Nikita Gill with a simple outline of our solar system.

Img 1214

by Andrew Hauptmann

Students from my 9th Drafting and Design class have designed this Mosaic Tile wall!

Screen shot 2018 01 12 at 1.49.51 pm

by David Snyder


Img 1593

by Andrea Gretzinger

5th grade project

Img 1597

by Andrea Gretzinger

5th Grade Art Project

Img 1592

by Andrea Gretzinger

Img 1599

by Andrea Gretzinger

5th grade art project

Img 1605

by Andrea Gretzinger

Two angles makes Antigo awesome.

Img 1600

by Andrea Gretzinger

Img 1604

by Andrea Gretzinger

5th grade art project

Img 1606

by Andrea Gretzinger

Img 1594

by Andrea Gretzinger

Img 1589

by Andrea Gretzinger

Wyatt 5th grader art project

Img 1597

by Andrea Gretzinger

5th Grade Art Project

Img 1589

by Andrea Gretzinger

Wyatt 5th grader art project

Img 1591

by Andrea Gretzinger

5th grade project

Img 1590

by Andrea Gretzinger

5th grade art poject

Img 1601

by Andrea Gretzinger

antigo police

Img 1607

by Andrea Gretzinger

Fifth grade tile project

Img 1596

by Andrea Gretzinger

5th grade art

Img 1595

by Andrea Gretzinger

5th Grade Art Project

Img 1598

by Andrea Gretzinger

Fifth Grade art

Img 1597

by Andrea Gretzinger

5th Grade Art Project

Img 1596

by Andrea Gretzinger

5th grade art

Img 1603

by Andrea Gretzinger

5th grade

Img 1592

by Andrea Gretzinger

Img 1592

by Andrea Gretzinger

Img 1588

by Andrea Gretzinger

5th grade project

Screen shot 2018 01 24 at 8.37.07 pm

by Kenneth Kozar

The Element Barium for our Periodic Table Project.

Img 1623

by Andrea Gretzinger


Img 1613

by Andrea Gretzinger

5 grade art progect

Img 1622

by Andrea Gretzinger

5 grade art project

Img 1611

by Andrea Gretzinger

5th grade art project

Img 1619

by Andrea Gretzinger

5 grade art progect

Img 1617

by Andrea Gretzinger

5th grade art progect

Img 1626

by Andrea Gretzinger

5th Grade Art Project-jadyn

Img 1610

by Andrea Gretzinger

5th grade art project.

Img 1621

by Andrea Gretzinger


Img 1627

by Andrea Gretzinger

5grade art protecest evin

Img 1624

by Andrea Gretzinger

5 grade art project.

Img 1612

by Andrea Gretzinger

5th grade art projet EmilyM

Img 1612

by Andrea Gretzinger

5th grade art projet EmilyM

Img 1625

by Andrea Gretzinger

5th grade art projects

Img 1618

by Andrea Gretzinger

5th grade art project

Img 1616 %281%29

by Andrea Gretzinger

5th grade art projects

Img 1620

by Andrea Gretzinger

5th grade art project

Img 1615

by Andrea Gretzinger

5th grade art project

Img 1614

by Andrea Gretzinger

5th grade art project

Rxpro carve

by Chad Carter

My Company logo and spray gun

Dragon tile

by ANG



by Cad Melrose

I carved the Boston Bruin's logo.

Namaste tile

by Varina Le Gendre-Tannis

2 color HDPE (black on white) 6 x 6 Tile

Universe of stories

by Gail Zachariah

This tile was made with 2 color HDPE and features the 2019 Collaboration Summer Library Program theme.

Screen shot 2020 02 20 at 7.48.42 am

by Grace Erica

A student in our K-8 Makerspace designed this tile as they are inspired by our high school baseball team.

Img 2932

by Daeken Sullivan

The Destiny Logo


by Brian Price

Jason V

20220118 143135

by Derek weinrich

Hiking inspires me. So I put some of my favorite summits. Then add the tent and mountains to fill it out.