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by Mo Stych

Checkers: a great game for the back porch in the summer sunshine. You can use the same board for chess, too!

by Sam Alaimo

Play some classic card games with these classy mahogany playing card sticks!

by Sam Alaimo

A half-sized cornhole set. Small enough to fit on the X-Carve, but big enough to have a good match with friends.

by Sam Alaimo

Marble Maze. I used the maze app in Easel to make this out of expanded pvc (back), 3/4" plywood, and clear acrylic (front).

by James Johnson

This is a game that my grandmother played years ago. Adapting the idea to my new x-carve I created something lots of fun to play.

by Benjamin Cusick

A custom board for the deck building game, Legendary

by Woodley

Tic-Tac-Toe! A simple board and set of game pieces made with contrasting 3/4" maple and 1/4" mahogany.

by Kim Nguyen

I make these cardholders out of ash and black walnut. I carve out the easel program, then take a miter saw to the ends. Makes 8 at a time.

by Ellie

Rollette is a family favorite of ours. It is really hard to find the original version these days so I made y own.

by Phillip lunsford

Set of dice made from a 2x4. These were made for my grandchild

by David Nachmani

Mokshapath - the way to Enlightenment / Nirvana was used by Hindu monks to educate young pupils. I was inspired by my wife's Moksha quilt.

by Jules Woodard

Brighten up your coffee table with this colorful corian maze. With six ways to win it's the perfect little distraction for your brain.

by Sam Alaimo

An oak "marble" game with an inlaid acrylic cover.

by Michael McWethy

Aggravation game board. 2-step carve; 1. marble holes uses 1/2" round end bit 3/16" drill operation; stars are done with 1/32" flat bit.

by John Conklin

I built a Chinese checkers table and custom marble storage box for my sister in law and her grandson. My X-carve made it much easier.

by Ryan Buitenwerf

When it is to cold to go out and play cornhole you can play some quarter hole in a nice warm house.

by Michael Fischer

I love pizza. I love puzzles. I am sad I cannot eat this.

by Gary Yahr

Peg Solitaire Game Goal is to get down to one peg by jumping over and removing pegs. Made with Cribbage pegs.

by Nathaniel Kingsbury

(Almost) complete set of Settlers of CATAN game (all you need is a set of dice and resource cards :D)

by Michael Coley

Mancala, is a 2-player turn-based strategy board games played with small stones, beans, or seeds and rows of holes in a board.

by Tracie Hightower

Play a fun game of Plinko. Earn prizes, points, or just play for fun with your students. Includes a stand and 2 different sizes.

by Jeffrey Leegon

A simple Nine Men’s Morris board. It is a 2-player game that has been played since Roman times.

by Yasin Zavala

This is a wooden knot puzzle.

by Taylor Bjerkaas

A vertical Chess board to hang on your wall

by Norton Seabrooke

This is a hexagon shaped maze

by Stuart Ignacio

This maze was designed using only angles instead of squares

by Troy Osborne

This is a Frabjous Puzzle. You have to cut 30 pieces.

by Kyle rock

A cribbage board with an engraved honeybee & comb. inlaid into 3/4" bamboo and engraved maple vernier with walnut backing.

by stephen bjerkaas

Penny Hockey - players take turns trying to score

by Mo Stych

This game follows sailing rules. You tack upwind on the red and green lines and run down the yellow with the dice roll. By Richard Angino

by Ricky Marcus

Pine base for Boggle game to replace molded plastic part.

by Jon Anderson

A compact cribbage board that uses a twist drill bit and peck drilling to create nice, clean, perfectly round peg holes.

by Cristiana Felgueiras

SUPER FUN 2 Player Pinball Game using some of the cooler colourful materials!

by Kramer Smithson

My family and I really like playing the train version of dominoes. This is a holder for the engines. I made the tokens with clay.

by Whitney King

This is a fish in a pond puzzle. The fish only fit flat if you arrange them just right!

by Garin Gardiner

Mancala Board GameI designed in Fusion 360 with a 3D spiral toolpath that provides a pretty cool toolpath on the final product.

by Amanda Poupart

My friends and I worked as a team to make a golf course. I made holes 7-9

by Thornton Hanson

I love tanagram puzzles. We learned to use the laser and carved the tray

by Myron House

This is a little redneck golf. The game was carved and we used binder clips and a rubber band for our balls. Lines are points.

by Shamgar Benson

This is a cat puzzle for my sister

by Lawson Warren

This is a puzzle using tessellations. You can change up how its cut to make different ones.

by Simon Pearce

This is for when we play hangman with our spelling words. It's less violent than hanging and can be used for other things.

by Zach Kaplan

This corn hole game was designed for a backyard baby shower BBQ. The plywood was painted white and then the baby was engraved by X-Carve.

by stephanie ryers

This puzzle is based off my favorite stained glass window I've done

by Allen Miller

This is a leaderboard to track the winners and all time high score of any game.

by Kel Miller

Rock Me is a balance game using marbles. You roll a die and see how many to add to your side. When you have 6 in the end you win.

by Amanda Miller

I made a spinner that can be used with all my games.

by PR Smith

A three player cribbage board. A made this out of cherry and used duplex nails for the pieces.

by Alex Bates

A wooden re-creation of Spinner, the original Texas wild domino game. Requires 3/8" Wenge wood. See project page for full instructions.

by Kris Miller

Table top tether ball! Ring and ball are clay, tether and paddles are carved.

by Eddie Martin

I wanted to create a set of checker pieces with magnets that would work with a magnetic checker board I have planned.

by Eddie Martin

I wanted to create a set of checker pieces with magnets that would work with a magnetic checker board I have planned.

by Dan

Chinese Checker board designed for marbles, shown with plastic straw pegs

by Ronald Rosales

This is a dissection puzzle consisting of 7 flat shapes, which are put together to form shapes. The objective is to form a specific shape.