Software Engineering

At Inventables, our software engineering team is building a platform to completely transform the experience of digital fabrication.

Our Easel platform - free for anyone in the world - is the core of this experience. Easel is a web app that replaces the traditional 3D carving toolchain with a single piece of software.


We have an ambitious vision for Easel that requires solving tough problems in new and exciting ways. Our engineers are tackling a wide range of challenges - for example, building tools for our users to collaborate on projects, an API for developers to build and sell on our platform, or rendering complex 3D designs in the browser without bringing it to its knees.

To learn more about what we've been working on recently, check out our dev blog.

As a team, we’re fast-paced but highly collaborative. We value creativity, innovation, and the maker spirit; to that end, we set aside every Friday for the engineering team to explore ideas and problems they think are important.

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