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Our mission at Inventables is to build accessible communities and tools for the maker journey. Free software and access to machines in public spaces and are both vital components to bringing 3D carving to everyone.

Here’s how you can start your maker journey:

  1. Create a free Easel account and design your projects.

  2. Use the map, above, to locate a machine at a library, community makerspace, or school* near you.

  3. Make arrangements to use the machine and carve your projects!

We believe it is vital to make 3D carving technology available to students of all ages. In early 2016, Inventables set a goal to put a 3D carving machine in every U.S. school by the end of the decade. To kickstart the project, we donated a 3D carving machine to a school in every state.

As a community, we’ve made big strides towards this goal. The map above shows all the libraries (blue pins) and makerspaces (yellow pins) with an X-Carve or Carvey. It also includes the schools (green pins) with an X-Carve or Carvey available for their students to use.

*Each school has different rules about who can use their lab. We’ve listed them on the map for the parents and students at each school, but most are not open to the public.

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Libraries with a 3D carving machine
Makerspaces with a 3D carving machine
Schools with a 3D carving machine